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Partner with us today and join Africa’s fastest growing footballing digital community.
AfriPro is organizing its first ever Africa football Scouting Tour between July 11th and July 23rd. This scouting tour is aimed at promoting, scouting, and giving grassroot footballers in Africa opportunities to play in Europe. This scouting tournament will have football scouts from Europe coming over to the event to scout promising talents that are potential superstars in the nearest future The event will last two weeks, and process goes thus.


Week 1: There will be a pre-tournament organized among 10-15 football academies with over 300 footballers combined. During this pre-tournament, local scouts will pick the best 36 players. These 36 players will be the teams branded and kitted by AfriPro with the AfriPro football jerseys and football bags.


Week 2: The selected 36 players will be the ones playing when the scouts arrive. The games will last for 3 days with one day off. Day 1 they play while scouts watch, day 2 they rest and they 3 they play to conclude the tournament. The reason for these processes is for quality control to provide the best players for the scouts to watch.

AfriPro would like to seek sponsorship deals from companies and business owners interested in supporting our project. We intend to use these funds to pay for venues, Medals, cash prizes for winners and runners-up, securities, snacks and beverages, banners, referees, and volunteers.

We seek for 500€ minimum from any company or business owner to support our project.


AfriPro has over 12 thousand followers on Instagram and growing every day. We have very strong digital presence with lots of engagements and video views on each post. With our platform we would like to promote your brand, products, and services to our audiences giving your business the fastest and easiest market entry to Africa to get consumers from Africa.

Africa is a continent with over 1.2 billion population, and there are over 100 million men and women playing football in Africa vying to become the next big star and we have the capacity to reach as many footballers, football lovers as possible, promoting your businesses.

On our App, we also have advertising section on the front page where all active users of our App get to see your company ad with a call-to-action button, when clicked redirects the users to your page.

Partner with us today and join Africa’s fastest growing footballing digital community.

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All donations can be made to our bank account via the below details.

Bank: Holvi
Account Name: AfriPro Oy
Account No.: FI60 7997 7990 1260 26
Swift Code: HOLVFIHH
Branch: Helsinki, Finland
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